Yahtzen is the creative entity behind ONTK's Production and Technical Division. Not affiliated with Beyonce.  


Lady Beatriss is the enigmatic shadow producer to the original ONTK releases and beat tapes.

She has retreated into the Rocky Mountains and has yet to be heard from...

The Psychonauts, with LRev and Heavy Knowledge, are true veterans of the Battle Park Hip Hop Scene. Competing in Rap Battles across the Nation and holding down the Alberta show circuit has kept them busy.

Stay tuned for their 2018 releases & Catch them on Tour in Europe May 2018! HALOS.


The Shed Beat Boyz consist of artists Solitari00, Jast, Big$ and Fin.I.

Bringing the freshest players and slickest visuals onto the Alberta Hip Hop Scene, they drop a hype and diverse set at every event.


DK is a founder of ONTK and represents the prairie province of Saskatchewan. His newest project, Member of Life, is available now on all major music platforms.